Cinema and music performers create the first company to joint managing neighbouring rights.

Milan, Rome, May 22, 2012 – Few weeks after the approval of the Decree Liberalization, adopted by the Italian Government, video and music performers announce the creation of the first company to joint managing neighbouring rights. The agreement is promoted by ITSRIGHT - a company that manages, since 2010, the rights of more than 300 music performers and about 30 record producers - and ARTISTI 7607, Association which includes over 1200 movie artists and whose board appear, among others, Elio Germano, Claudio Santamaria, Neri Marcoré.

A few weeks after the approval of the Decree Liberalization - which established the neighbouring rights market’s liberalization - cinema and music performers join forces to create a private structure with the aim to streamline and enhance neighbouring rights management’s processes and activities, reducing costs.

The project provides a separate rights’ management - between music and video - the processes of distribution fees that belong to the artists and also the creation of a new body dedicated exclusively to promoting and supporting culture for the benefit of both sectors.In Italy the cultural industry moves billions of euros.

Neighbouring rights apply each year over 60 million euros and performers, in our country, are more than 70.000.

Gianluigi Chiodaroli, Chairman of ITSRIGHT, said: "The agreement translates into facts what is established in the liberalization’s law. Managing rights means first of all building competent and specialized organizations, and today, with Artisti 7607, we are starting off a project aimed to offer more professional and competitive services to performers, providing a professional and transparent management of their compensations”.

Cinzia Mascoli, Chairman of Artisti 7607 commented: "Words are important: we are performers and we know the value of the texts, and subtexts. Art. 1 of our Constitution says that we want: "To promote a real commitment of Performing Artists for the protection of professional, economic and moral interests of our category”, principle, among others, in line with the directives of the Artists’ European Social Statute (drawn, precisely, 06/07/07), which states "that flexibility and mobility are intrinsic to the artistic professions, and that no artist is totally immune from job insecurity at any stage of his career." To respect those words we have assumed the responsibility to change things, "putting our faces,"  skills and passion". 

"At last, as it happens in all other European countries, even in Italy performers are given full power to make up their own mind on which structure should they better entrust the management of their rights. This will allow to distribute performers’ compensations in an innovative, transparent and efficient way”,said Maestro Piero Cassano, artist, producer, historical composer for Matia Bazar, Eros Ramazzotti, Mina and many others performers.

“A new era has began: artists will be now free to choose, without delegate to others, standards by which their rights will be administrated, studying objective and analytical criteria in which performers are not subjected to arbitrary classifications", remarked Elio Germano.

 "What matters is that looking back we decided to deal with our future. From now on we will manage our own compensations, with expertise, responsibility and passion. An achievement that we are sure, will bring benefits to all. We have the strength to achieve all this because we have the expertise to do it", added Neri Marcorè.

"We want to create a project to promote cultural, ethical and courageous reinvestment able to defend the autonomy, creativity and dignity of a category consists of artists, many of whom, despite their talent, remain unknown to the public", stated Claudio Santamaria.

Today, with the Monti’s Government, Italian artists are reclaiming neighbouring rights’ issue. With the Decree Law nr. 1/2012, confirmed by a large parliamentary majority, the Italian market is in line, therefore, with the models adopted in most advanced countries; it is definitely inhibited any attempt to impose monopolistic positions in the neighbouring rights’ market. The requirement to modernize performers rights’ system finds its answer in the liberalization process, which allows different organisations and private companies – such as ITSRIGHT and Artisti 7607 – to operate, or cooperate, in the same market.

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