What is it a neighbouring right?

A neighbouring right is a remuneration that International and Italian Copyright Law (633/1941) recognize to performers and record companies for any kind of public use of recorded music, broadcasting, public performance and other forms of exploitation (for example, private copying).

Who can join ITSRIGHT?

Anyone who has performed on recorded music can join ITSRIGHT. Compensations for neighbouring rights are due to:

  • performers
  • orchestra and chorus conductors
  • solo and orchestral musicians
  • artistic producers
  • record companies

Which rights does ITSRIGHT manage?

ITSRIGHT manages neighbouring rights for all forms of the following uses:

  • Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Public Performance
  • New Technologies
  • Private copying

Am I entitled to compensations for neighbouring rights?

You are entitled to receive a compensation for neighbouring rights.

If you are an artist and:

  1. you have participated in the creation of a sound recording;
  2. the released registration has been played (i.e. reproduced by any means in public).

If you're a record producer and:

  1. you have produced a sound recording;
  2. the released registration has been played (i.e. reproduced by any means in public).

How does ITSRIGHT distribute compensations?

Analytical standards are adopted by ITSRIGHT to distribute your compensations, calculating the time of actual use of every single sound recording in the total time of music. This information is provided by music users. Allocations are made by ITSRIGHT every three months through individual reports. Regarding the compensation for private copying, ITSRIGHT adopts the same criteria adopted by SIAE, with whom we entered into specific agreements.

How much is it for the cost of the service?

No fixed costs to grant ITSRIGHT a mandate to collect the compensations for your neighbouring rights. The cost is represented by a commission on compensations you will receive.

How can I get my compensations?

To receive your compensation, contact ITSRIGHT and grant a mandate to collect your fees for neighbouring rights. Joining ITSRIGHT is free.
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Is ITSRIGHT able to collect royalties when my repertoire is used abroad?

Yes. Thanks to relationships and agreements with similar international organisations, ITSRIGHT can protect your repertoire in foreign countries too.