When a recording is broadcasted in radio or tv, played in public, or streamed, performers and record producers have the right to receive a remuneration for neighbouring rights.

We collect and distribute the compensations for neighbouring rights, due to performers, orchestra and chorus conductors, solo and orchestra musicians, as well as artistic producers and record companies, for all forms of the following music’s uses:
  • radio and TV broadcasting;
  • public performance (eg. clubs, gyms, hotels, shops);
  • diffusion through new technologies (like web and mobile);
  • private copying.

On behalf of performers, we also collect the following rights:
  • Annual Supplementary Remuneration;
  • Making available rights on the web.

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Regarding private copying, today, with ITSRIGHT, you can get your remuneration even without a representation agreement. Click here to learn more.


We constantly invest in innovation and advanced systems. Our databases hold detailed information regarding millions of sound recordings, including who owns them and which performers have performed on them. 
We value performers and producers’ repertoires and help them to claim the performance royalties they are entitled to collect. We monitor the music uses, collect compensations and distribute them on a regular basis, in transparency.
We offer to professional users new licences solutions designed for every business to pay creators fully and fairly for their work.
We promote a new, positive and sustainable economic model for the market, shortening distances between those who make music and those who use it, facilitating their relationships.


Performers and producers deserve to be paid fairly for the use of their recorded music. 
That’s why since our beginning we contribute to promote innovation into the Italian market to ensure that all members of the creative process are valued, respected, and supported for their work.
We have been the promoters of the liberalisation of the neighbouring rights’ market, a reform that now allows performers to license directly professional users to play recorded music without the intermediation of record producers.
We are committed to promoting and supporting policies and regulations that empower performing rights. We work closely with the Italian Government, the Authority, the EU Institutions and key organisations within the music industry to create a positive environment for those who invests their talent, time or money in the creation of recorded music.