We are a collective management organisation (CMO) founded in 2010 to collect and distribute  neighbouring rights’ revenues due to performers and producers for any kind of public use of recorded music.

We are a Società Benefit. Our mission is to value performers and producers of phonograms so that they receivea fair remuneration, promoting new forms of dialogue with professional users, creating a sustainable environment for the community, through innovation, education and inclusion.
With our innovative music licences, the protection of performers and producers' rights meets music users’ requirements. We are committed to creating new balances, promoting a sustainable environment where the enhancement of creativity and the users’ interests can coexist in harmony and thus contribute to the growth of the market.

We are a data company. We are constantly investing in innovation and advanced systems to monitor music usages and ensure its members get a fair return for their creative work and that each play is tracked and analytically distributed.

We are a global company. We operate internationally through partnership with international agents and more than 50 key international collective management organisations (CMOs) around the world. With our dedicated specialist team, performers and producers can claim the international performance royalties they are entitled to collect, wherever their music is played.
We also collect the compensations for international music played in Italy. 
We are member of SCAPR, a worldwide network that operates as an international platform for the development of the practical cooperation and collaborative working between more than its 50 CMOs represented.


A Società Benefit is a company which combines the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact for society and the environment and which operates in a transparent, responsible and sustainable way.
In 2021 we became a Società Benefit in 2021, including in our statute the aim of having a positive impact on who and what surrounds us:
  • the music community with a particular focus on performers, musicians, producers, professional music users;  
  • conservatories and universities to educate and raise awareness among the new generations on music rights; 
  • associations, institutions and non-profit organisations to project social inclusion initiatives, bringing music as a resource in situations of fragility;
  • the people who work and collaborate with us;
  • the environment.

We are committed to creating value in our daily work, in our governance, social and environmental choices by focusing our objectives and activities every day in a transparent and responsible way.
We put music and its extraordinary values at the centre of our actions, to support and help bring to life projects in the area related to education, social inclusion and people's well-being.
Music Oracle open

Music Oracle (www.musicoracle.it) is a project that aim to drive innovation in Conservatoires with an educational proposal focused on helping musicians take their caree to the next level.
The programme is designed to support talents with trasversal and business skills, enriching traditional artistic academic offer with industry-focused training.
Partner: Conservatoires "Giacomo Puccini" of Gallarate, "Franco Vittadini" of Pavia, “Lucio Campiani” of Mantova, “Guido Cantelli” of Novara.

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2022 – 2023 PROJECTS
“Music Industry Master” project open

The project aims to drive innovation in Conservatoire, enriching traditional education with industry-focused training, and providing young musicians with business and market-oriented skills. 
This project started in January 2023 and was carried out with the Conservatories "Giacomo Puccini" of Gallarate and "Franco Vittadini" of Pavia.
Strong emphasis was placed on copyright and neighbouring rights, on the importance of repertoires’ data.
Students were taught by a team of leading professionals within the creative industries, including ITSRIGHT managers.
Lessons were attended by 52 students and professional opportunities were provided through 4 training internships at ITSRIGHT as part of the project.
The project received 96% satisfaction rate.

“Music and words at Milano Opera Prison” open

The string quartet as metaphor of Collaboration.
MetaFour is a project made of words and music based on a direct dialogue with musicians of a string quartet, that raises awareness on the importance of collaboration, listening and of all those values that are fundamental in a civil society.
The project, carried out with Le Dimore del Quartetto, is a moment of common reflection guided by the most extraordinary pages of the chamber music repertoire interpreted by the Quartetto Indaco and by the poems written by the inmates within the Leggere Libera-Mente workshop of the Cultural Association Cisproject.
The presentation event was a great success more than 100 participants and received excellent media coverage (Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, TGR Lombardia with two dedicated reports).

Make a Wish open

A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness. 
Make a wish is a non-profit organisation that realises the wishes of children and young people aged between 3 and 17 years, suffering from critical illnesses to bring them joy, strength and hope. The association is present throughout the country and receives wishes from the most important paediatric hospitals in our country. In 2019, it granted more than 2000 wishes.
ITSRIGHT joint the community of Make a Wish corporate partners and contributed to realise a little girl’s wish, allowing her to meet her favourite music artist.
Itsright allowed Make a Wish to expand its partner network by facilitating a relationship with a major player in the music industry.


Board of Directors

Gianluigi Chiodaroli - President and CEO
Carlo Balzaretti
Teresita Beretta
Paolo Lazzati - Consigliere
Antonella Rizzi
Massimiliano Sforzini
Patrizio Visco

Audit Company

K-Auditing S.r.l. (www.kauditing.it)

Surveillance Body (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001)

Maurizio Ragno

Benefit Corporation - Impact Manager

Teresita Beretta

Supervisory Board

Lorena Bassano
Giovanni Poggio
Davide Rosa

Assembly of Delegates

Mario Carbotta
Pierangelo Cassano
Gino De Stefani
Enrico Intra
Pierluigi Maini
Vincenzo Tempera
Musicom.it Srl
Pirames International Srl
Sound To Be Srl


ITSRIGHT is committed to international best practice in corporate governanceb
ITSRIGHT is a collective management organisation (CMO), as defined by the Italian Decree Law n. 35 - 15th March 2017. Our governance complies with the Italian Authority’s regulation.

Find here below the main documents on our system of governance.