Italian Government liberalizes the neighbouring rights. It's the end of IMAIE’s monopoly

Milan, 23 january  2012 – "The administration of neighbouring rights is free (as per Act April 22, 1941, n. 633)". This is what is written in the decree  which has been approved by the Italian Government on January the 20th.

Gianluigi Chiodaroli, Chairman of ITSRIGHT, said: "The decree definitively establishes the IMAIE’s monopoly end. Italy is now aligned to international models, where the market is based on rules of efficiency and dynamism, the competition between different structures stimulates market development”.

Claudia Mori added: “At last, artists will be free to choose which structure they prefer to entrust the management of their rights. A triumph of liberty and justice which invites all artists and producers to an increased responsibility so to ensure that music revenues are collected efficiently and, above all, equally distributed. For the benefit of all, without failing to be vigilant”.

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