The Monti Government's Decree: final approval. Neighbouring rights' liberalization is now law.

End of Imaie’s monopoly. The market will be open to new players. Performers will be free to choose which structure to entrust the management of their own rights. 

Milano, 26th March 2012 -  The Decree Law n. 1/2012, adopted by Italian Government, reached its final approval: the administration of neighbouring rights is now free.

Performers will now be free to choose the structure to which they prefer to entrust the management of their rights.

Gianluigi Chiodaroli, Chairman of ITSRIGHT, said: “Managing ‘neighbouring rights’ means to provide professional and transparent services. The liberalization process will enhance the development of a dynamic and efficient market so that performers will receive more competitive and on time services. A new deal for neighbouring rights’ market is coming; we are sure that all music industry’s players involved will collaborate together in the interest of performers”.

The liberalization process establishes the end of IMAIE’s monopoly and aligns the Italian neighbouring rights’ market to European best practices, which have long demonstrated the worth of a pluralistic model.

Moreover, even in Italy the existence of different record producers’ organizations (SCF, AFI, PMI, Audiocoop) demonstrated the efficiency of a competitive model  to manage neighbouring rights. 

After years of performers’ complaints regarding IMAIE’s managing, today neighbouring rights’ subject is successful regulated by the Decree Law n. 1/2012 and confirmed by a large parliamentary majority.

The requirement to modernize neighbouring rights’ system finds its answer in the liberalization process, which allows different organisations and private companies – such as ITSRIGHT – to operate, or cooperate, in the same market.

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