Music performers  receive little or nothing from streaming services for their music. This is what emerges from a survey part of the European #PayPerformers campaign, created to support the request to Member States to recognize performers a fair and equitable remuneration from streaming services via a new right granted by the Copyright Directive from the EU.

Of the Italian performers who participated in the survey, 41% declare that they do not receive any compensation for their music from streaming platforms. 25% declare to receive an amount ranging from 1 to 100 euros. A paradoxical situation comparing these numbers with the music market data which confirm that streaming is one of the main ways of using music today (+ 26% in 2019 for the Italian market).  

"Hurry up!"; "We don't want help, we just want our rights!"
: these are some of the many performers’ appeals addressed directly to Minister of Culture Franceschini at the end of the survey. They all call for more fair remuneration an ask for a urgent political intervention.

“The results that emerged from the survey are disheartening. They are even more effective if read during this Covid-19 emergency. This is battle of justice for all, especially for the musicians and performers who today have less protection, even if they give an essential artistic contribution to the musical successes that are now widely streamed. It is clear at this point that the question should not be postponed ", commented Paolo Fresu.

"The time is right for a change, to recognize music artists a fair remuneration for digital streaming, introducing a new right in the Italian legislative order, following the European Copyright Directive’s indications”.
This is the comment of Gianluigi Chiodaroli, President of ITSRIGHT.

The European Delegation law, for the transposition of the Copyright Directive in our country, is being examinated by the Italian Senate. ITSRIGHT, which supports the #PayPerformers campaign in Italy, calls for Parliament to approve the majority and opposition amendments under discussion in recent days which clearly introduce the right to a fair remuneration for music artists. In this way it will be possible to fill the regulatory gap and effectively implement the principle of equitable remuneration for digital uses introduced by the Directive.

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