A fund of 5 million euro to support music performers and producers in need as they look to cope with the damaging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s the aim of the convention agreement signed by ITSRIGHT with ICCREA Bank and BCC Milano Bank.

Beneficiaries  will be performers residing in Italy and producers based in Italy,  represented by ITSRIGHT.
For  each of its own performers or producers who will open a current account at BCC Milano or one of the affiliated banks belonging to the Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group, ITSRIGHT will pay 300 euros to be considered as an advance on the accruing rights (coming from the 5 million euros fund dedicated to the initiative).
To the Artist or Producer who requests it, the Bank will grant, as per the requirements of the Convention, a personal credit line in the current account, for an amount which will not be less than 1.000 euros.

The convention is part of the measures adopted by ITSRIGHT in April involving resources, skills and all the staff to work alongside the community of its performers and producers and help them face this dramatic moment. Among these initiatives there is an extraordinary distribution of the total value of 3.5 million euros in favor of the performers who have had less results in the distributions. ( read the news)  

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