Following the Decree issued by the Italian Government on last March 8, aimed at preventing further aggravations related to the diffusion of the Coronavirus and to face with responsibility this emergency, ITSRIGHT has activated the smart working procedures for all company employees and collaborators. In fact, we want to guarantee the continuity of our service and the usual assistance.

 In addition to the email addresses already known to you, you can contact the following numbers by phone:  
 -for general information: +39 02 6666890
 -for questions related to the current distribution: +39 02 66668925

We also inform you that on March 4, ITSRIGHT, together with other music and video organizations, attended the meeting called by the Ministry of Culture to discuss the consequences related to the coronavirus emergency.   We have given our availability to find and discuss all the necessary measures that can support our music sector in this time when many of the work activities of those who make music have been delayed or cancelled. There is still no further detailed information that we are able to provide you, but we can anticipate that we are working to ensure that all the artists on the national territory will receive support contributions in this time of difficulty. We will update also in relation to the further assistance and support initiatives that we are preparing.

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