Neighbouring rights, 'work in progress'. A reform on Copyright Law is being debated in Parliament.

Neighbouring rights is in the agenda of the Italian political debate. For the third time in a few months, the Parliament approved yesterday a statement that calls upon the Government to consider a reform of the Copyright Law (LDA 633/1941),  to ensure also to music performers and their collecting societies an integrated management of neighbouring rights.

This means the chance to negotiate directly with music users, collecting revenues, overcoming, therefore, the  intermediary role that today belongs to the record producers.

 OdG 9/01628/035 On. Di Gioia – 3 ottobre 2013

OdG 9/01248-AR/008 On. Di Gioia – 24 luglio 2013

OdG 9/01326/014 On. Rondini – 31 luglio 2013     

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