MYRIGHTS: log in to the new ITSRIGHT portal.

Check the information regarding your compensations. Its’ free, easy and secure.

MYRIGHTS is our new portal which provide you with all the information and the documentations regarding your neighbouring rights’ compensations.
MYRIGHTS is a reserved area, easy to use; it’s a totally free service, a way to communicate with us more directly.
MYRIGHTS simplifies and speeds up the administrative procedures for your compensations’ payments, providing you maximum security for all your online operations. For example, you can check your statements, view, complete and print invoices or receipts, and much more.
MYRIGHTS is transparency. With MyRights you can constantly monitor your neighbouring rights compensations’ value.
MYRIGHTS is always with you, wherever and whenever you want. You can have access to the portal any time and on your own.

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