The court of Rome rejected Nuovo Imaie’s claim.

The court of Rome rejected Nuovo Imaie’s claim. Green light to the distribution of 20 million euro due to performers. It’s the decision of the Court of Rome regarding the controversy on the liberalization of the neighbouring rights’ market.  

Once again Nuovo Imaie tried to boycott the operation of the market with a lawsuit aimed at blocking the effects of the first agreement that gives concrete application to what is established with extreme clarity in the Liberalization’s law. It’s the agreement signed between SCF, the record producers’ organisation  (that collects by law performers’ rights) and ITSRIGHT.

"The decision of the Court of Rome confirms our agreement’s  legitimacy. We are finally ready to show that the market competition is only for performers’ benefit, by distributing them the compensations that Nuovo Imaie tried to block in every way", said Gianluigi Chiodaroli, President of ITSRIGHT.

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