Music is against all wars

ITSRIGHT is deeply shocked by what is happening in Ukraine. Those who like us love, work, live on music cannot remain indifferent to so much suffering. War is furthest away from our values ​​and from those expressed by music, which with its universal language overcomes distances, promotes dialogue, claims peace and nourishes hope.
We are close to the Ukrainian people, to all artists of any nationality who are overwhelmed in the disaster caused by the war.
We hope that the paths of dialogue will be accelerated and strengthened. We join in the international condemnation of the Russian government's policy of aggression and destruction against the Ukrainian population and we share the positions expressed by SCAPR Board, the international association of CMOs for performing artists (https://www.scapr.org/news/). Therefore, we  decided to suspended all our payments for neighbouring rights to Russian CMOs, VOIS and RUR.

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